WebRTC Real-time Conferencing

WebRTC conferencing platform with support for video and audio chatting in a room based system.


The goal of this project was to build something with the WebRTC protocol. I did some research and decided to use the open source Kurento Media server for the media aspect of the project since it's free and supports WebRTC selective forwarding. I decided to build the application/signaling server in .net core since it's my go-to framework. I decided to also learn react hooks in this project as I built out the front-end.

Technology stack

  • Front End: React (16.8.6 with hooks)

  • Redux for state management and Material UI for styling

  • Back End (application / signaling server): asp.net core 2.2

  • Back End (media server): Kurento Media Server

  • Back End (turn server): Coturn


  • Real-time conferencing

  • Video/web cam chat support

  • Audio chat support

  • Text-based chat support

  • public / private room based system

  • Low-latency scalable media server

  • Uses Selective forwarding unit instead of P2P to cut down on client bandwidth

  • Signaling server communicates with media server via JSON-RPC

  • Deployed on an AWS ec2 ubuntu instance

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