Tetris emulation built using React with hooks


The goal of this project was to explore web sockets with express using node. I decided to re-make Tetris since it's an easy yet challenging game concept to implement. I used web sockets instead of a completelyclient side solution because my original plan was to make the game multi-player. After implementing all of thecore game logic, I decided to start working on something else instead of adding a multi-player mode.

I re-did this project without a back-end and keeping it only client-side since I don't intent on ever implementing multi-player.

Technology stack

  • Front End: HTML5 canvas and Javascript (Socket-io-client) Back End: Express with Socket-IO running with Node on an Amazon EC2 Linux Distro

  • React


  • Line clearing

  • Collision Detection

  • With side & bottom walls

  • With other shapes

  • With side walls while rotating

  • Shape Rotation

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