Real-Time Currency Exchange

Full stack currency exchange web application that me and my partner built for CST-361 (Design patterns in Java) at GCU with JavaEE, JAX-RS, ASP.NET Core worker service, JBoss EAP, and Google charts.


Our general technical approach was to create a simulated “IoT device” as an ASP.NET Core worker service that runs in a time interval loop and queries a third party currency API to fetch currency values. Once the new data is returned from the third party currency API, the worker service then sends it via a POST request to one of our Reporting App’s endpoints. We created our Reporting App with JavaEE and JSF and have functionality for user authentication and a graphical view for displaying the currency exchange rates. Our Reporting App adds and/or updates currency values in a MySQL database that are delivered to its POST endpoint. We use Bootstrap, Google’s Geo Chart API, and a JSF DataTable on the front-end for our GUI. Our JavaEE application is designed using an N-layered architecture with the business and data layers separated on top of the MVC pattern. For our database, we are currently using a Heroku MySQL database and the data layer uses JDBC to connect to it.

Tech stack

  • JavaEE

  • Jax-RS

  • JSF

  • JDBC

  • ASP.NET Core

  • MySQL


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