Portfolio 2

Second portfolio I've ever made, which is this website you're on right now.

Blog post on this project https://portfolio.jrdn.tech/post/portfolio-v2


The objective of this project was to re-write my portfolio from scratch using more up to date technology and open source options. I go more into detail on some of the decisions I made and why in the blog post above.

Technology Stack

  • React 16.8.6 (with hooks)

  • Gatsby JS

  • Material UI

  • Sanity.io headless CMS

  • React Reveal animations

  • Three js

  • Netlify CI/CD

  • Amazon S3


  • Completely static site for fast rendering and SEO (Anytime I update content in the CMS, the CMS triggers a web hook in Netlify to rebuild the front-end and deploy it)

  • No back-end despite having dynamic content

  • Cloud managed CMS - Blog system and Project system

  • Cloud managed CI/CD

  • Themed UI & Simple UX

  • Cloud managed contact form

  • WebGL home page animation

  • Custom written image carousel / gallery in React

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