JWebsite Base Template

Website base with user authentication and real time chatting built with React and .Net core


The main goal of this project was to create a solid website base that I could use for any future projects. I also wanted to explore some of the open source .net core features like entity framework core and signalR.

Technology stack

  • Front End: React & Redux with Material-UI styling deployed onto AWS S3 with Cloudfront

  • Back End: .Net Core 2.2 web api deployed on an AWS EC2 windows server instance running IIS

  • Database: PostgreSQL running on AWS RDS


  • User Authentication

  • Uses JWT for a stateless design

  • Email comfirmation built in using JWT and AWS SES

  • Google OAuth optional for signing in / registering

  • Live Chat System

  • SignalR for web sockets Allows guests and authenticated users to communicate in real time

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