JThreads Comment System

Comment system built for developers who want to quickly and easily integrate discussion into their web apps.


I became inspired to embark on this project while researching various options for incorporating a comment system into my personal portfolio blog posts. It occurred to me that creating a comment system from scratch could be an enjoyable endeavor that not only benefits me but also potentially adds value to others.

Plans for future

I have a backlog of features that I want to eventually add to this project but I've decided to ship it in its current functional state and come back to it at some other time. As it sits right now, it's not as customizable as I'd like it to be for developers. At this point it's also using some pretty old versions of libraries that need to be updated. [6/19/2023] I plan on doing a full rewrite using the app router with NextJS.

Technology stack

  • React with Typescript

  • NextJS

  • Material UI / Semantic UI

  • Redux

  • Asp.NET Core

  • Entity Framework Core

  • PostgreSQL

  • Azure Devops / App Service / Container Registry / Application Insights

  • Netlify

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