Data Hound

Hackathon data analysis tool built using Spring and MySQL

Detailed Write-up


My team and I created this project for a non-profit company through a Hackathonsponsored by Paypal. The company we picked for needed some type of tool to manage and analyze all of their seperate data in one place. We came up with this solution from scratch in twenty four hours.

Technology stack

  • Front End: HTML

  • Bootstrap

  • Javascript

  • Google graphs api

  • Back End: Spring MVC running on Apache Tomcat

  • MySQL


  • User/Employee Authentication

  • Employees must be pre approved by admins

  • Admins can manage all user accounts

  • Dynamic Data importing

  • Parses all csv files

  • Creates dynamic table in database based on data

  • Data Manipulation

  • Users can view all fields

  • Users can edit/delete all fields

  • Data Analyzing

  • Graphs generated dynamically based on data

  • User can select what fields to generate graphs with

  • Data Exporting

  • Data sets can be exported back to csv format

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