CST-326 Lake House Scheduler

Lake house property scheduling web app I worked on with a group for a school project using .NET Core and Razor pages.


I worked on this project for a group school project for a class on project management. Our group wasassigned to build a lake house property scheduling app for the teacher so she could rent our herlake house to friends and family. The whole project was developed through an agile project managementmethodology and we created a lot of documentation a long the way.

Technology stack

  • Front End: HTML

  • Bootstrap

  • Razor pages

  • Back End: .NET core with a MSSQL database


  • User Authentication

  • Users can sign up

  • Host can approve or deny users

  • Reservation requesting

  • Users can request a time slot to rent out the lake house

  • Hosts can view, approve, and deny requests

  • Lake House details

  • Users can view lake house information and pictures

  • Reservation details

  • Users can view their request status

  • Users can view calendar of reservations

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