About Me

Sun Aug 18 2019


My name is Jordan Riley and I'm a software engineer in Tempe, Arizona. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.S. in computer programming and I'm also employed as a software engineer at Willis Towers Watson. I started teaching myself how to code in Java when I was 14, and I've had a huge passion for it ever since. I spend a lot of my free time coding and I'm always striving to learn more and keep up to date with the latest technology in the industry. My first endeavors as a young programmer were making games using the Java2d graphics library. Since then, I've shifted my focus to the web and consider myself a well-rounded full stack engineer. Some of my hobbies outside of programming include gaming, lifting weights, and snowboarding.

Technical Experience

  • Asp.Net Core & Asp.Net Framework (C# and VB)

  • Spring Boot & JavaEE (Java)

  • React.js, Node.js, Express (Javascript)

  • Relational Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • Non-relational Databases: MongoDB

  • HTTP Servers: IIS, Apache, Nginx, Kestrel

  • Cloud Platforms: AWS & Azure

Professional Experience

  • 2 professional free lance projects delivered to clients including https://devpost.com/software/zuri-s-dashboard

  • 2 years as a software developer intern @ Sandhills Global

  • < 1 year as a software engineer at Willis Towers Watson


B.S. in Computer Programming from Grand Canyon University

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